The BEST ECO Solution to get rid of Allergens

IVA incluido
Probiotic Allergen Spray VitalBiom
Do you suffer from allergy symptoms?
Running nose
Swollen red eyes
Reddened skin
Are you tired of it?
Reduce allergens in your home in a natural way with VitalBiom
In 90% of cases, home textiles might be the cause of allergy. Fabrics, carpets, sofas, and mattresses can be a breeding ground for:
Probiotic Allergen Spray VitalBiom
Probiotic Allergen Spray VitalBiom effectively eliminates protein allergens and creates balanced microbiome
Patented formula of VitalBiom spray contains active probiotics.

Probiotics are good bacteria that efficiently consume allergens as a natural food source.

VitalBiom helps to create a stable beneficial microflora that protects health.
Absolutely organic and safe for the whole family and pets
Probiotic Allergen Spray VitalBiom
100% natural
active ingredients
Economical to use
Long-lasting effect
Beneficial for people
Beneficial for animals
How does probiotic allergen spray work?
Vitalbiom Spray colonializes the space with good bacteria
Good bacteria produce enzymes
The enzymes break down allergens, like organic dust/pollen/pet hair proteins etc
The probiotics absorb allergens
First effect will be visible after 1 week of use or less with correct terms of use
Probiotic Allergen Spray VitalBiom
It has been proven: Vitalbiom neutralizes allergens and preventively reduces the risk of allergic reactions
Independent researches by the University of Ghent and BMA Institute in Germany prove the effectiveness of Allergen Spray.

The textiles were treated with a probiotic spray for 14 days, while the level of bacteria has been measured regularly. After 14 days, there was a recorded decrease of allergens at least 80% on the surface.
With a single spray of VitalBiom, you will add beneficial probiotics to your home environment and naturally reduce allergens.
Suitable for all types of textiles:
Car seat covers
Plush toys
Bed linen
Soft furniture
and mattresses
Allergy prevention with VitalBiom spray is better than treatment
Keep your family and environment healthy with probiotics
Including IVA
Probiotic Allergen Spray VitalBiom
How to use the spray
Identify all the textiles you have at home
Shake the bottle before use and spray for 2 seconds on the textiles once a day for the first week
Continue spraying Vitalbiom twice a week
* As for the beds, apply the product once a day before making the bed.
  • Mari Carmen
    El spray ha sido un regalo del cielo para mi hijo alérgico. En la segunda semana, sus reacciones alérgicas disminuyeron notablemente, y el aire se siente más fresco. Seguro para niños, ¡mi hijo lo adora! Recomendado para alergias y hogares más limpios.
  • Sara
    Allergen Spray con probióticos ha mejorado mi calidad de vida. Mis problemas de alergia a los ácaros han disminuido, y ahora puedo disfrutar sin preocupaciones. Su eficacia y respeto por el medio ambiente son fundamentales. Recomiendo este spray a quienes buscan alivio alérgico.
  • Ana María
    ¡Mi hallazgo contra las alergias! Este spray antialérgico con probióticos ha reducido mi urticaria y picores. Eficaz, seguro y respetuoso con el medio ambiente. Una recomendación para todos los alérgicos.
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